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How You Can Give Back on Holiday


Whether you're heading off on an African safari adventure or retreating to the sandy shores of the Caribbean for your next holiday, take a moment to consider how you can give back to the destination you will be visiting. ‘Voluntourism’ is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more holidaymakers wishing to spend their time abroad doing more than just chilling on the beach. Read on to discover how a few small steps can make a BIG difference...

Support the Locals

Wherever you are in the world, always try to eat and drink in independently-owned cafes, bars and restaurants, to help support local businesses. Plus, sampling the flavours of locally-produced food and drinks is an important part of experiencing a new destination, and giant fast food chains and world-renowned restaurants don’t tend to feature many authentic local delicacies on their menus. When you’re searching for those perfect souvenirs to take home, visit small family-run shops and craft stalls for beautiful handmade ornaments, clothing and artwork. The profits made will fall into the right pockets, and your friends and family will be delighted with their unique gifts.

Pack Supplies

Forgo that extra pair of shoes in your suitcase and use the space for something much more worthwhile. From pens, pencils and paper for schools, to clothing for orphanages and supplies for hospitals; communities around the world could really use your help. Websites such as Pack For A Purpose provide suggestions of what supplies are required for projects in various destinations across the globe.


Many people return home from their holiday with a pocket full of loose currency and no idea what to do with it. On your journey home, ask the cabin crew on board if they are collecting donations, as many airlines are partnered with a charity and will gladly take the change off of your hands.


Volunteering abroad isn’t an activity solely reserved for backpackers or gap year adventurers. Your helping hand will always be gratefully received and even if you are tight on time but still want to contribute a couple of hours or so during your next getaway, a little bit of research will reveal opportunities for programs and projects in most countries worldwide. Popular volunteering activities that can be incorporated in a holiday include school visits to read with students, planting trees to maintain the habitats of endangered species, feeding and cleaning out animals at wildlife sanctuaries, beach cleanup projects and cooking meals for the homeless.


**This blog post was previously published on Medway Leisure Travel, now trading as Pettitts Travel**


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