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Pettitts Travel Survey Results - How COVID-19 has Changed the Landscape of Travel

Author: Charlotte Boswell

How Covid-19 Has Changed the Landscape of TravelWith the current COVID-19 situation changing the landscape of travel for the foreseeable future, here at Pettitts Travel we wanted to keep in touch with our customers and try to understand a little more about their feelings towards travel in these challenging times.

We surveyed our customers, the majority of which are over 50, and have summed up their responses in this post. Please read our recent post on our most frequently asked COVID-19 questions if you have any questions or concerns, which is updated as the guidance and situation changes.


53% won't travel until COVID-19 risk is over

When asked whether they were planning their next holiday, 53% of our customers responded that they are waiting until the COVID-19 situation is resolved, however, 28% said they are currently planning a trip, with a further 19% responding that they will be soon.

Once resolved a majority would want to take their next holiday before the end of this year or very early next year. 27% of respondents would like to take their next holiday before the end of 2020, if restrictions are lifted, with 17% hoping to get away in the first six months of 2021.


Many would like to wait until a vaccine is available before travelling

When asked what could be done to make customers feel safer and more confident to travel again, many responded that the availability of a vaccine was important to them, with several respondents noting that they would not feel comfortable with the idea of long-haul flights until a vaccine was available.

With over 50s more at risk of COVID-19 complications, it stands to reason that a vaccine would not only put minds at rest, but be a necessity from a safety standpoint.

Customers also said that they would be waiting until travel restrictions had stabilised and there was no risk of finding themselves stuck abroad, unable to return home. Many also stated that they would prefer to wait until it was no longer necessary to quarantine upon returning to the UK.



Top 10 destinations our customers are looking forward to visiting

We asked respondents to tell us which country they were most looking forward to visiting next - here are the top 10 countries that were chosen.

1. India
2. USA
3. Portugal
4. Greece
5. South America
6. Canada
7. Italy
8. Japan
9. Sri Lanka
10. Cambodia



Top 10 destinations our customers would now avoid (and why)

As well as finding out where our customers, including those over 50, are looking forward to visiting, we also wanted to find out whether there were any destinations they would now avoid due to the COVID-19 situation, and why.

Here are the top 10 destinations that respondents chose.

1. USA
2. China
3. South America
4. Asia
5. Brazil
6. Russia
7. India
8. Cruise ships
9. Italy
10. Middle East

Some of the most common reasons given included the COVID-19 situation in certain countries, political situations, anti-LGBT laws, and concerns that it would be difficult to socially distance on cruise ships.


How far do our customers intend to travel over the next 18 months?

We asked respondents how far they planned to travel in the next 18 months, and 37% responded that they would be travelling long haul, with 36% planning to travel short haul.

A further 27% stated that they would be travelling domestically within the UK, so staycations are definitely on the cards for many over 50s for the foreseeable future.

39% of respondents said that the COVID-19 situation meant they would be more cautious about when and how they travel, with 36% telling us that while they will still travel, it will affect their plans.

20% responded that COVID-19 had not affected their travel plans or interest at all, and only 5% said that they would no longer be travelling at all.


Overall, it seems that the majority of our customers, where over or under 50 years of age, are keen to travel again once it is safe to do so, but will be understandably cautious about where and when they next head abroad.

We hope that as travel becomes safer once again, and with the hopeful development of a vaccine in the future, our customers can safely enjoy the holidays they love.

We will continue to update our COVID-19 FAQ post as the situation evolves.


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