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Where To Go And When You Should

The world is a magical place that's full of great destinations, inspiring people and wonderful events. There truly are some things that shouldn't be missed on this planet, once in a lifetime experiences that will never leave you. We firmly believe that travel broadens the mind, and with that in mind we’ve hand-picked some of our favourite seasonal destinations for you to choose from.

Antarctic Wildlife – January

It’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere and the best time to visit Antarctica; It’s only really cold, not mind bogglingly, spine chillingly freezing, and it’s when over 200 million birds descend to breed. There’s also whales, seals, dolphins and of course penguins to see. The Antarctic Peninsula is easily the most accessible part and offers the best spots to see the wildlife.

Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 13th to 18th February 2015

Nothing needs to be said about the world famous Rio Carnival. It’s the biggest party in a country that’s famed for its love of fiestas. Intended as a last hurrah before lent, over 2 million people per day venture onto the streets for music, dancing and revelry – it’s the perfect tonic to a dreary northern hemisphere February.

Holi Festival, India – 6th March 2015

The Hindu Holi festival (festival of colours or festival of love) has spread worldwide but the best place to experience this is still in India itself. The festival is a free-for-all where participants chase each other through the streets with dry powder and coloured water. Dwarka, Gujarat in Western India is where the celebrations originate from and it’s the best place to experience it. If you’re able to extend your trip even further, the Jaipur Elephant Festival is also held in March every year.

Cherry Blossom Season in Japan – April

The month of April is when the Sakura (cherry blossoms) come to life and the whole country seems to turn pink. Peak bloom will change depending on where you are in the country but it’s generally early April in and around the Kyoto area which is home to many of the country’s best gardens.

Cannes Film Festival, France – May

For 12 days in mid-to-late May, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood ups sticks and relocates to the Cote d’Azur for a festival of all things film. Over 30,000 people attend the festival to buy, sell or promote over 2000 films. There’s nowhere else quite like it for two weeks of the year. The summer climate in southern France also helps too…

Verona Opera Festival, Italy – June and July

Italy is the home of opera and the Arena di Verona plays host to some of the world’s best performers throughout June and July every year. The magnificent roman amphitheatre holds 15,000 people, and even intimate performances such as La Triviata and La Boheme are transformed into magnificent spectacles. Although the schedule changes each year, Verdi’s Aida is always performed and it’s one of the hottest tickets around. Outside of the festivities, the city itself is one of the most beautiful in Italy. Renowned for its Romanesque architecture, the Renaissance gardens and the old castle of Castelvecchio are must-sees.

Wine Festival, Madeira, Portugal - 31st August to 7th September 2015

The wine festival is one of the highlights of the year on Madeira and it’s something that any wine lover should have on their bucket list. The festival starts in Estreito de Camara de Lobos with a live grape harvest of picking and processing which is followed by a parade. The town of Funchal is filled with celebrations, exhibitions, street stands and music – and it’s all accompanied by traditional Madeiran food and wine too. We recommend making Funchal your base, dancing the nights away and taking in the culture during the day. All the restaurants, bars and cafés are open and full of locals and tourists alike so make sure you make the most of this fabulous town.

New England, USA – Fall

Once a year, during the fall season, the north eastern United States put on a show of colour like nowhere else. From September to November every year, the trees brace themselves for the oncoming winter and their leaves turn a range of colours from bright yellow to golden brown. Much of the New England area has picture perfect forests but the states of Maine and Vermont are renowned for the scale and beauty of the fall season.

Salmon Fishing Bears, Canada - October

In the Pacific north-west of Canada and the US, the salmon heading upstream to their spawning grounds attract brown, black and grizzly bears who need to fatten up before winter sets in. At waterfalls up and down the rivers, bears use their paws to swipe salmon out of the air as they leap upstream. Seeing these animals in the flesh makes you realise just how big, powerful and majestic they are. The lucky ones amongst you might even get the chance to see wolves, bald eagles and perhaps the very reclusive cougar.

The Northern Lights in Lapland, Finland - November

The snow starts to fall in November in the Arctic Circle and temperatures start to plummet. Once the sun goes down, the majestic northern lights come out. The green and red colours dance through the sky and will take your breath away. Stay in an igloo and eat reindeer for the full Scandinavian experience.

Christmas Markets, Germany, Austria and Switzerland – December

During the months of December, towns and cities across Europe put on Christmas markets in the squares and streets but it’s the German speaking countries that do it best. Munich, Vienna and Zurich all put on fantastic markets but it’s the town of Innsbruck, Austria that truly stands out. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and classic architecture, it’s the perfect place to get into the Christmas spirit.


**This blog post was previously published on Medway Leisure Travel, now trading as Pettitts Travel**


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