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Where to Head on Holiday in September

September marks the start of autumn, a wonderful season in which the world starts to renew itself. Animals forage for food and search for a safe haven in which to hibernate, deciduous plants shed their leaves to conserve water and energy, and people start getting ready for the coming cold snap. There’s still fantastic events going on September and we’ve rounded up our top locations around the world for a perfect autumn holiday.

The Venice Historical Regatta

Every year, on the first Sunday of September, Venice is the host of a historic regatta around the streets, famous waterways and canals. It originates from the year 1315, under the orders of the doge Giovanni Soranzo, and incorporates a vast parade followed by a rowing boat races. The colourful procession on the water comprises of a series of boats that are adorned with all sorts of designs. After the procession, the first race is the Young Rowers, with technical boats that are meant to challenge their ability; next is the Women’s Race, on boats that resemble a mask, used in the olden days by courtesans; then on to the Men’s Race, six oared heavy barges that are almost out of use in today’s society; and the grand finale is that of the Champion’s Race, slim gondolas that promotes technical ability rather than power. This is the race that excites the crowds, which lights up the Venetian fans and one that just keeps strengthening every year.

Isle of Wight Bestival –  September

We go a little closer to home for this one, albeit a home on its own little island off the coast of Hampshire. The Isle of Wight cuts a major historical figure, with a strong maritime and industrial heritage. Bestival is a four-day music festival that has been held on the island since 2004, growing exponentially since its inception. 2014’s theme is Desert Island Disco and features a number of up-and-coming acts performing amongst a roster of more established and world-renowned artists. Besides being smaller than most other summer festivals, Bestival has several qualities that make it different, including a more alternative and diverse range of music, food and atmosphere. They also pilot off and innovative ideas, like that of an inflatable church, a quiet Yurt for mothers and children, and fancy dress themed days.

New England

There are many spectacular sights around this world. Sights that inspire, sights that reduce people to tears, sights that broadcast the natural beauty of our planet, and one particular sight in New England is one not to be missed. Every autumn, or Fall in this case, the thousands of trees in the New England region on the East Coast of America shed their leaves and create a wonderful seasonal palette. New England comprises of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont – it is widely considered one of the most picturesque regions in America, presenting a successful merge of colonial towns, natural beauty and metropolitan jungles. The glorious foliage compliments the crisp air, providing a rugged platform in New England’s mountains and forests. This region is great for hiking, biking and exploration of the farms and pumpkin patches. Why not explore for yourself with a self drive holiday in New England?

Dubrovnik, Croatia

On the Adriatic Sea, the walled city of Dubrovnik stands majestic, providing a destination for a tourist hotspot and all-year-round family entertainment. In September, it becomes more affordable, losing its commercial skin but retaining the fun and enterprise that appeals to so many. The accommodation is more affordable too as the crowds disappear, the weather is less humid and the sea stays warm. Despite all the popularity, Dubrovnik remains a historic and culture centre of Croatian heritage. There’s a mixture of architectures, diving opportunities, beaches and unspoilt natural scenery. The local cuisine derives from its maritime past, giving you an eclectic array of seafood dishes, while the markets and shops will have everything else you’d need. Along the Dubrovnik Riviera, you’ll find the coastal resorts of Cavtat, Orebic and Mlini whereas the island of Korcula has gentle shelving beaches great for the little ones

California, USA

California contains some of the most iconic cities, landmarks and regions in the whole of the US, creating a completely unique holiday, away from every other of the 50 states. When September hits, the temperatures drop into the low 20s, making sightseeing much less of a chore. The beaches, like that of Malibu, Santa Monica and Long Beach, the National Parks and theme parks will be less crowded. There’s no risk of pacific hurricanes either. The Golden State hosts San Diego’s latino flavour, Santa Barbara’s enchanting terracotta rooftops, Carmel’s quaint seaside retreat, State Route 1’s stunning coastal drive, and Palm Spring’s beautiful oases. Then, of course, there is no escaping the buzzing cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, the former being home to Anaheim, Beverley Hills, and Hollywood, while the latter hosts the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison and the cable cars that climb the rolling hills. We recommend fly-drive holidays in California, allowing you to see Napa Valley’s excellent Vineyards, Yosemite National Park’s spectacular waterfalls, Death Valley’s barren plains and Sequoia National Park’s giant redwood trees. If you are interested in visiting California in September with your family, partner or as an individual, Pettitts Travel can create a tailor-made California tour holiday to suit your requirements.

Botswana, Africa

September sees the start of spring in Botswana when there is little rainfall, warm days and animals flock to the watering holes. There are unique geological National Parks and game reserves filled with preserved wildlife and September is a great month for safaris. You should try Chobe, Central Kalahari, Northern Tuli, and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park for fauna exploration in completely scenic surroundings. Why not combine a few destinations for a contrasting experience with a tailor made safari holiday in Botswana? Other places to explore include the Kalahari Desert, which takes up a lot of the country but is home to thousands of animals, birds and reptiles in its meandering river and marshy delta; the capital Gaborone, where you’ll find the National Museum and Gallery, Botanical Gardens and the eponymous dam; Tsodilo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the northwest that contains over 4,500 rock paintings by the San people spanning back thousands of years; and Orapa Mine, the largest diamond mine in the world based on value and quantity of carats produced annually.


**This blog post was previously published on Medway Leisure Travel, now trading as Pettitts Travel**


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