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Where To Travel In Rainy Season

Author: Lauren Curd

When selecting your holiday travel dates this year, don’t be instantly be put off from travelling somewhere during its ‘rainy season’ before you’ve had a chance to discover the many exciting possibilities and positive reasons to travel at this time of year.

Although the UK has four distinctive seasons, we have become accustomed to relatively ‘wet’ weather throughout the year! During the winter months in particular, we often experience full days of driving rain or consistent drizzle which can be a real dampener (excuse the pun!). Therefore, most travellers will of course aim to escape to holiday destinations which promise the highest chance of sunshine and very little chance of precipitation! There are however many destinations which offer lots of positive advantages. Travelling in the low/rainy season not only avoids the tourist crowds but also offers low flight, hotel and tour prices; increasing the travel possibilities within your budget.

Weather charts and guides books can often provide confusing and quite misleading information when describing destinations during the ‘rainy season’ so it pays to do your research. In some destinations around the world, the rainy season is as you would imagine; furiously fast, non-stop monsoon rains. However in others, the season merely consists of short sharp showers accompanied by wonderfully dry spells. It can provide comfortable temperatures, impressive tropical thunderstorms and an abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities.

Caribbean Islands

Rain showers in the tropical Caribbean can come as a welcome relief by clearing the humidity during the summer months. When travelling between June and November, any rain that makes an appearance is usually in the form of short, sharp showers. Downpours tend to be localized and finish as quickly as they start. Thunderstorms that sometimes occur in the afternoon are spectacular to watch from the shelter of the hotel bar! Temperatures do not vary greatly year-round so when you are relaxing on your sun lounger, you’ll forget whether it is July or January!


November to March is summer in southern Africa, and therefore the wet season in Zimbabwe. However, this is a superb time of year to see newborn wildlife as many animals give birth in the wet season, and bird watching is excellent at this time of year as many migratory birds can be spotted. Prices are at their lowest at this time of year too.

European Cities

Most people considering a city break in Europe will opt for travelling in the summer, or in December for the atmospheric Christmas markets. Travelling out of peak tourist season, such as January/February or October/November (avoiding the school holidays, of course!) will save you £££’s but the chance of rain showers is considerable. Don’t let this dissuade you though! Low season means less crowds and cheaper travel, and some sights and attractions may also offer discounted entrance fees. Inviting cafes and bars will provide welcome shelter if the heavens open, or head to a restaurant for a long, lazy lunch of local delicacies. Museums, art galleries, concerts and shopping malls can all be enjoyed come rain or shine!


With not one but two rainy seasons, Kerala has the Southwest Monsoon arrive in June followed by the Northeast Monsoon in October. Monsoon season here does not mean relentless showers – it will rain for a few hours then the sunshine will cut through the clouds. This idyllic area in southern India bursts into colour with lush flora and fauna during this season. Accommodation prices are lower, waterfalls are at their most impressive and everywhere remains open so visitors can enjoy an affordable holiday without swarms of tourists. Monsoon also brings the ideal weather conditions for Ayurveda treatments.

Costa Rica

Re-named locally by the tourism industry as the ‘Green Season’, May and June is when the first of the rains arrive and visitor numbers are low so those travelling can explore the national parks without the crowds. Surfing opportunities are also superb at this time of year. The rainfall lasts for as little as a couple of hours in some regions before returning to beautiful sunshine.


Rainy season in Thailand is defined during the calendar months from July to October. There are many energetic festivals which take place in the low season and travellers are sure to find bargain packages at this time of year. Whilst not suitable for beach lovers, the lower humidity provides ideal conditions for sightseeing and exploration.

Travel Tips & Suggestions

  • Be patient – journeys usually take longer in bad weather, particularly when travelling by road, so allow extra time.
  • Expect the unexpected - weather is hard to predict so you may travel in the wet season and not see a drop of rain! Likewise, it is possible to experience rain showers anywhere at any time of year so always pack your brolly!
  • Take layers of clothes which consist of quick drying materials and don’t forget a raincoat.
  • Invest in suitable walking shoes. Flip flops can be slippery when wet, a recipe for disaster.
  • Research the areas you wish to visit and plan your journey carefully. Consider avoiding areas which are most affected during very bad weather and prone to experiencing landslides, flash flooding etc.
  • Avoid taking a swim in the sea during bad weather – powerful undercurrents can be extremely dangerous.
  • Plan your daily activities on holiday in accordance with the weather forecast – if it’s going to be wet tomorrow afternoon, book into the hotel spa for a pamper session!
  • Keep all luggage dry with resealable plastic bags. Waterproof day bags are also excellent!
  • Avoid the very wettest months in destinations where rain is relentless.


**This blog post was previously published on Medway Leisure Travel, now trading as Pettitts Travel**

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