Cleaved in two by the mighty Amazon River and swathed in thick impenetrable rainforest, this colossal region remains largely underexplored. The forest here is home to an almost unfathomable diversity of species – plant, mammal, insect, reptile and aquatic – and supports numerous indigenous groups, many of which have yet to have any contact with the outside world. Manaus is the entry point to the Amazonas region and lies close to the spectacular ‘meeting of the waters’ where the black waters of the River Negro and the brown waters of the Solimoes River meet. From Manaus head into the rainforest – a must for any visit – and stay in a lodge or join a week-long cruise. Home to alligator, piranha, anaconda, incredible birdlife and the elusive jaguar, the Amazon offers unrivalled adventure. Pettitts specialises in providing quality, tailor-made holidays and tours to the Amazon.

Suggested Journeys for Amazon

We are pleased to offer the following selection of suggested itineraries based on our personal experiences. By combining these itineraries with your thoughts and ideas we can tailor any journey to make it special, unique and designed around you.

Classic Brazil

16 days starting from £4885 per person

With over half of the country covered in rainforest, Brazil’s natural environment is as celebrated as its culture. It can be argued that nowhere on earth has the diversity of flora and fauna as Brazil and this itinerary combines this natural beauty with the main cultural sites. Starting in Rio...

A Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon

13 days starting from £5420 per person

Representing over half of the planet's remaining rainforest and home to a richly varied collection of species, the Amazon boasts unmatched biodiversity. This memorable six night cruise ventures deep into one of the world's most pristine environments – a vast ecological reserve which is also...