Pantanal Holidays

Often overlooked, the exceptional Pantanal wetlands in western Brazil are one of the world’s great wildlife reserves and a rival to the better known Amazon rainforest. Covering an area of over 21,000 square kms, the Pantanal is largely inaccessible, supports an incredible variety of flora, fauna, bird and fish life and spills into neighbouring Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. Barely penetrated by roads and for large parts of the year flooded, animals in the Pantanal thrive as there is little human encroachment. As a result, the reserve is home to some of the continent’s greatest predators including anaconda, jaguar, ocelot and wolf, but there are also alligator, monkey and numerous species of deer. The Pantanal also supports over 700 bird species and millions of fish, including the notorious piranha. We have over 25 years’ experience planning tailor-made holidays and tours to the Pantanal.

Holiday Ideas for Pantanal