Hsipaw Holidays

Located in Shan State to the north east of Mandalay, the small town of Hsipaw is an important and busy trading centre. Little-visited, Hsipaw is best reached by train from Mandalay or Maymyo as the journey crosses the impressive Goitek Viaduct which extends over a yawning 870 foot deep gorge. Built at the turn of the last century, this truly is a marvel of Victorian engineering and the views are spectacular throughout. In Hsipaw see the Shan Palace, Bawgyo Pagoda and Theintaung Hill or travel out of the town into the countryside for a day walk through pretty pineapple, papaya and orange plantations to visit some local Shan villages. The Bawgyo Pagoda is also the site of the famous Bawgyo Paya Pwe – one of the oldest and most important Shan festivals which takes annually each March. All of our holidays and tours to Burma are unique and fully personalised.

Holiday Ideas for Hsipaw