Hpa-An Holidays

Capital of Kayin State, little-visited Hpa-An is a bustling provincial town located midway between the Golden Rock at Kyaiktiyo and historic Mawlamyine, one of the former capitals of British Burma. The main commercial centre for the surrounding region, Hpa-An has a new road link to neighbouring Thailand and river access to the sea. On most days the town’s dense network of narrow streets surrounding the old market come alive with people going about their daily chores, sharing the space with local farmers as they bring their wares and produce to town to sell. The karst landscape that circles the town is not only picturesque but also contains important sites including sacred Mount Zwekabin with its summit top monastery and the caves at Saddan, Yathapyan and Kawtgoon – the latter decorated with 7th century Buddhist artwork.

Holiday Ideas for Hpa-An