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Canada Holidays

Canada is the second largest country in the world and impressive in its size, diversity and beauty. A country of contrasts, western Canada is centred on charismatic Vancouver which is the main gateway to the region. From here explore the wilds of Vancouver Island and go bear viewing or head east through spectacular national parks and the dramatic scenery of the Canadian Rockies to Calgary in Alberta. Further north, the remote landscapes of the Yukon support a wide range of animal and bird life and possess a proud First Nation heritage. Eastern Canada is the location of the nation’s capital and the cities here have delightful historic centres. Parts of this region, particularly Quebec City and Montreal, are also bastions of French-Canadian culture and there is a definite Gallic feel. Admire the thundering Niagara Falls that straddle the US and Canadian international border or time your visit to coincide with fall when the region’s maple forests turn crimson. Untamed and rugged, the rocky shoreline of the Atlantic Coast protects pretty coastal communities and produces some of the best seafood in the country.

Places to visit in Canada

In Canada the cities are vibrant and culturally diverse, a country that offers ethical animal viewing experiences and has some of the most magnificent landscapes and natural wonders in the world. The Yukon is full of gold-rush heritage, British Columbia and Alberta share the mighty Canadian Rockies and vast national parks that offer some of the country’s most striking scenery. Embark on a ranch holiday, observe Polar Bears in Churchill or Grizzly Bears in BC and explore the colonial charm and UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in Quebec and Ontario’s delightful cities. A trip to Canada wouldn't be completes without experiencing the sheer force of the thundering Niagara Falls or why not cycle to lighthouses, savour fresh seafood and spot whales off Atlantic Canada’s rugged shores.

When to Visit canada

For those wishing to enjoy Canada's beautiful great outdoors, the ideal months to travel are from May through to September. The warmest months tend to be July and August and this is also the most popular time for visitors with it being the main tourist season. By visiting Canada during spring or autumn, you will experience slightly cooler temperatures, and the occasional shower, but they are equally good times to visit the majority of the country – especially British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Skiing in Canada is a popular choice for a winter holiday, however unless visiting for winter sports, the period from the middle of November to the end of February sees very low, sometimes sub-zero, temperatures notably in the north of the country, the Maritime Provinces and other remote regions. In general, British Columbia and the west remain milder than much of Canada but conversely the risk of rainfall is higher, particular from late autumn to early spring.

Best Times
Good Times
This is a general overview suggesting when to travel in the country. Please note that this may not directly apply to any specific itinerary or region.

Essential Information

Capital: Ottawa

Main Language: English / French

Time Zone: GMT -3.5 / GMT -8

Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Accommodation in Canada

There is a vast range of accommodation on offer in Canada. In cities and large towns there are a variety of hotels that will cover every budget and requirement. In more rural areas such as national parks or the Rocky Mountains, accommodation options may be limited to rustic cabins, luxurious lodges or specialist wildlife observing centres. Bed and breakfasts in Canada provide a homely option or, if you want to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a true wildlife holiday, there are endless campsite options for your tent or campervan – all of which provide excellent facilities. Ranches offer fantastic riding experiences and are typically found in British Columbia and Alberta.

Canada Holiday Review

Thank you for organising this holiday for us, we had a fantastic time, and were sorry to come home. Not sure what we will be doing for our next holiday, but will let you know when we have an idea.

RM - Canada - August 2018

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