Beijing Holidays

Beijing, China's capital city, was first settled as a trading town around 1045 BC, however, it was not until the Mongol occupation of the 13th century that the city was to emerge as a major political and cultural force. The coming of the Ming Dynasty coincided with a period when many of the city’s most recognisable sights were built and this was to start a cycle of constant evolution which has resulted in the modern, vibrant metropolis seen today. Enter the spectacular Forbidden City and walk through Tiananmen Square to explore the palaces, imperial lodgings, gardens and temples that make up this vast complex, visit the beautiful Temple of Heaven, travel outside the city and hike the Great Wall or spend an afternoon in the Summer Palace – a masterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design. Pettitts have led the way in designing tailor-made holidays and tours to China for over 25 years.

Holiday Ideas for Beijing