Kashgar Holidays

Located in the far west of the country, the Uighur city of Kashgar is the end of China’s ‘New Frontier’. A major crossroads on the famed Silk Road, this oasis city is incredibly remote being four thousand kilometres from Beijing and over one thousand kilometres, through desert, from the nearest Chinese city Urumqi. A bastion of old Chinese Turkestan, the city is almost ninety percent Muslim – a fact only reinforced by the great mosques, open squares, bazaars, tea shops and food which has more in common with its Central Asian cousins than its eastern Chinese rulers. Visit the extraordinary and exotic Sunday Market which has been known to attract up to one hundred thousand villagers, nomads and visitors from the surrounding region and the grand Id Kah Mosque which was built in 1442. With our knowledge and experience we can help to create a unique holiday to China that is tailored exactly to your requirements.

Holiday Ideas for Kashgar