Kunming Holidays

Known as the ‘city of eternal spring’, Kunming sits high on the Yunnan plateau and is a modern Chinese city. Home to Yunnan’s earliest civilisations, over the centuries Kunming was to consolidate its position and accumulate wealth by exploiting the caravan routes that passed through on the way Burma and Europe. In time, Kunming came under the influence of the British and French which led to further foreign trade and the development of a cosmopolitan atmosphere which today has led to it becoming one of the country’s most relaxed and forward-thinking cities. Here, hike walking trails in Daguan Park to see the Kunming’s ancient temples or head out of the city to see the remarkable Stone Forest at Shilin. Kunming is also well linked by road and air to the historic towns of Dali and Lijiang. Pettitts have led the way in designing tailor-made holidays and tours to China for over 25 years.

Holiday Ideas for Kunming