Ethiopia Holidays

The birthplace of mankind and strikingly diverse, Ethiopia's geography, peoples and wildlife combine to form an enchanting, heady mix. Exceptional historical remains stand alongside churches and castles, mountains tower over the epic scenery of the Great Rift Valley, crocodiles and zebras inhabit the national parks and the ancient tribal villages of the Omo Valley remind the traveller that here Addis Ababa is the exception rather than the rule. Radiating north of the capital is a wealth of historic treasures including Aksum and Lalibela, Africa's 'Petra', a major pilgrimage centre and one of the greatest religious-historical sites of the Christian world. Further west visit Gonder, with its well preserved castles, and attractive Bahar Dar or explore Lake Tana and the thunderous Blue Nile Falls. Every holiday and tour to Ethiopia that we design is one-off, memorable and special.