Kanker Holidays

Set in a bend of the Dudh River, the small town of Kanker is a bustling and vibrant market place where local tribal groups sell their wares under grand British colonial buildings. Set in the heart of a region which is still inhabited by the Gond, Muria, Maria and Halba tribes, Kanker is the perfect base to experience the society, customs, festivals and dances which underpin a traditional way of life. South of Kanker is Jagdalpur and the district of Bastar, a remote and densely forested region where there are a host of scenic sites including the falls at Chitrakote, the stalactite and stalagmite formations of the Kailash and Kotumsar caves, the cataracts of Tirathgarh and numerous national parks and sanctuaries. Located south of Raipur in the state of Chhattisgarh, this little-visited secluded region is a delight. Every holiday and tour to India that we design is one-off, memorable and special.

Holiday Ideas for Kanker