Dibrugarh Holidays

Dibrugarh is the gateway to the ‘hidden land’ of Arunachal Pradesh and is the traditional home of the Ahoms who originally travelled to Assam from northern Thailand during the 13th century. Known as the camellia town, Dibrugarh is surrounded by tea gardens and lush green hills and is located on the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra River. Take a tea plantation tour followed by a tea tasting session or leave Dibrugarh to visit the colonial town of Digboi, the nearby Second World War cemetery maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the village of Namphake where the inhabitants speak a dialect similar to Thai and still follow many traditional customs. Dibrugarh is also the main entry point to Arunachal Pradesh, the villages of northern Nagaland and has an air connection with Kolkata. Every holiday and tour to India that we design is one-off, memorable and special.

Holiday Ideas for Dibrugarh