Nagaur Holidays

Located to the north of Jodhpur, the desert town of Nagaur is best known for its well-preserved Mughal fort palace. The huge city walls and vast 12th century Ahhichatragarh Fort are testament to the town’s tumultuous past where rule switched regularly between different regional powers. The result is a fascinating mix of pre-Mughal and Mughal architecture where temples and havelis stand alongside a Sufi shrine and mosque commissioned by the Emperor Akbar. Without doubt, however, the highlight of Nagaur is the spectacular Ahhichatragarh Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has recently undergone a two-decade long restoration. During the restoration beautiful frescoes were uncovered whilst the Rajput-Mughal palace group and Akbar Mahal are real highlights. Every year, in February, the town of Nagaur also celebrates its annual cattle fair which combines cattle trading with camel racing, folk dancing and puppet shows.

Holiday Ideas for Nagaur