Rohet Holidays

A short drive south of Jodhpur, Rohet is a small rural village and farming community which is home to the Bishnoi community. Located on the edge of the Great Thar Desert, the town is protected by Rohet Garh, a 16th century fortified desert stronghold, and today one of India’s finest homestays. Still owned by the Singh family, this 400 year old ancestral home has a wonderful lakeside setting and is the ideal place from which to experience traditional Rajasthani desert life. Surrounded by desert scrubland, meet wandering shepherds, spot local wildlife and visit local Bishnoi tribal villages to learn about this ancient Rajasthani tribe who worship nature in all its manifestations. There is also excellent birdwatching, especially over the winter months, and in most years close to 200 different species have been recorded.

Holiday Ideas for Rohet