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Guarded to the north by the highest mountains in the world, Nepal is a pocket-sized, landlocked country of uncompromising beauty. Capital city Kathmandu is a bustling treasure-trove of ancient temples, shrines and palaces. It is also a base from which to visit the medieval towns of Bhaktapur and Patan in the Kathmandu Valley with their incredible palaces, historic temples and vibrant culture that has remained unchanged for centuries. To the west, few places can claim such a perfect setting as the lakeside town of Pokhara where the towering Himalayas offer some of the world's most spectacular trekking. For those interested in the natural world, Bardia and Chitwan national parks are rich in wildlife including the one horned rhinoceros, gharial crocodile and elusive Royal Bengal tiger. Pettitts Travel have led the way in designing tailor-made holidays and tours to Nepal for over 30 years.

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Places to visit in Nepal

Nestled between the high Himalayas and the plains of India, Nepal’s diversity and range of habitats belies its size. Kathmandu, and the immediate region surrounding the capital, are home to Nepal’s most important archaeological and historical structures. Kathmandu itself is a treasure-trove of significant religious sites including the ancient Swayambhunath Stupa, the Lamaist shrine of Bodhnath and the Hindu cremation ghats of Pashupatinath. The neighbouring Kathmandu Valley has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Bhaktapur, the temple of Changu Narayan and Patan with its long-established artistic community. To the west is the picturesque Newari town of Bandipur and, further still, lies Pokhara – starting point for lodge treks in the shadow of the Annapurna massif. Nepal is also rightly famed for its world-class wildlife. The national parks of Chitwan and Bardia support one-horned rhinoceros, tiger and leopard and Koshi Tappu is a leading birdwatching reserve.

When to Visit Nepal

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It is generally considered that the ideal time to travel in Nepal is either during the autumn, between September and November, or the spring, from February to April, although the country can be visited throughout the year. Following the summer monsoon rains, autumnal skies are clear and visibility in the mountains is usually excellent with temperatures in Kathmandu comfortable. The start of spring sees a rise in temperature but also coincides with spectacular floral displays as rhododendrons, and other wild flowers, bloom. Rain is rare throughout the winter months but it can be cold. The pre-monsoon period, March to May, when vegetation dies back is the best time to view wildlife.

Essential Information

Capital: Kathmandu Main Language: Nepali
Time Zone: GMT+ 5.45 Currency: Nepalese Rupee (NPR)

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Accommodation in Nepal

Hotels in Nepal tend to be smaller rather than larger and most have a noticeable Nepali character. Accommodation in the capital Kathmandu is varied but, on whole properties are larger in size and more modern than elsewhere in the country. There are a few international hotels in Kathmandu too. In keeping with Nepal’s well-earned reputation as a leading wildlife destination lodges, especially at Chitwan and Bardia, are authentic, comfortable and in keeping with their natural surroundings. Hotels in Pokhara are mostly located in the area surrounding the town and take full advantage of the region’s spectacular mountain backdrop. If on a lodge trek, Kerr & Downey’s properties are of a high standard but accommodation on alternative treks is likely to be simpler. The small town of Bandipur also offers the unique chance to stay in restored Newari homes.

Nepal & Bhutan Holiday Review

This was a wonderful holiday. Bhutan is a land that I have never before experienced. It seems an anomaly surrounded as it is by India and China. Culturally it is quite different to its neighbour to the south. It is modernising quickly and trying to hold on to its religion and traditions.

CB - Nepal & Bhutan - November 2017

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