Colombo Holidays

Sri Lanka’s capital and commercial centre, Colombo’s origins pre-date the arrival of the Portuguese, however, it was the colonial period that defined and cemented the city’s pre-eminent position. A Portuguese trading outpost, Colombo was captured by the Dutch who greatly expanded the settlement and built many of the churches and mansions seen today. By the start of the 19th century Colombo came under British control and, over time, developed into the banking and commercial hub of the country. Explore the Fort, site of the old parliament building and current Presidential house, and historic Pettah – a vibrant market district of tradesmen, greengrocers and goldsmiths. The National Museum, opened in 1877, also has an excellent collection of Buddhist and Hindu sculptures. Every holiday and tour to Sri Lanka that we design is one-off, memorable and special.

Holiday Ideas for Colombo