Nagarhole National Park Holidays

Karnataka’s premier wildlife park and a significant component of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Nagarhole, along with neighbouring Bandipur, forms part of southern India’s most important wildlife corridor. Established during the 1950s as a wildlife sanctuary, Nagarhole’s lakeside location, thick deciduous forest, swamps and streams provide a unique and secure wildlife habitat making it the finest reserve in the south of the country. Nagarhole is home to tiger, gaur, elephant, langur, macaque, porcupine, otter, jungle cat and leopard as well as several reptiles including mugger crocodile, python and viper. The reserve also has excellent bird watching, currently close to 300 species have been documented, and several threatened species have been recorded including white-backed vulture, Nilgiri wood-pigeon, white-bellied treepie and Malabar grey hornbill.

Holiday Ideas for Nagarhole National Park