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Travel Inspiration - Where & When To Travel in 2022/23

It is one of the main questions on a traveller’s mind: where should I go on holiday and when?

Whether planning an unforgettable wildlife experience or hoping to attend a celebratory festival, wishing to avoid high temperatures, escape large crowds or navigate the vagaries of the annual monsoon, choosing where to go on holiday and at what time of year is arguably the most important decision.

Our ‘Where to Travel and When’ guide helps to highlight the best places to go throughout the year. So, whether planning a visit to Rajasthan and northern India in November to experience the region at its finest; New England in October to witness the breathtaking autumnal displays or Verona in August to attend a famous operatic performance, we hope that this month-by-month guide advises and inspires.

Where To Go On Holiday In January

January is the best time for winter sun whether enjoying an Asian beach escape in Thailand or a relaxing break in the Caribbean, heading to the southern hemisphere for Brazil’s summer or Laos to explore the country’s many cultural sights.

Famed for its tropical islands, bustling cities, diverse wildlife and indigenous cultures, one of the best times to visit Thailand is in January. Combine city, beach and rainforest in one trip where you can expect dry and sunny days with highs of up to 30°C.

January is an excellent time to visit the Caribbean for some winter sun. It is one of the driest and sunniest months with little worry of tropical storms. The verdant volcanoes of St Lucia are beautiful at this time of year as are the calm waters of Barbados.

The best time to visit Laos is January when the weather is warm and the risk of rainfall low. It is also an excellent time of year to embark on a river cruise. High river levels make it easy to explore the Mekong and the country’s waterways.

January marks mid-summer across Brazil where temperatures average 30°C. The Amazon and Pantanal see the start of the rain which makes excellent wildlife viewing. It is also a good time to travel before the crowds gather for Carnival in February or March.

Where To Go On Holiday In February

February is a fabulous time to travel. Visit one of South Africa’s exceptional national parks or journey along the beautiful Garden Route, travel the length of Vietnam, explore the cultural sites of Kerala or opt for total relaxation in the Maldives.

Whether driving the scenic Garden Route, wine tasting in the Cape Vineyards or taking a once-in-a-lifetime safari in the Kruger, February is a great time to visit South Africa. Expect hot days cooled with pleasant sea breezes with light rain in some regions.

The states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu are at their best during the month of February. Kerala is known for its palm-fringed coast but this scenic state boats everything from tea estates to national parks. Tamil Nadu is home to the finest temples in India especially those in Madurai and Tanjore.

February is one of the sunniest and driest months of the year. Clear, crystalline waters makes the Maldives ideal for diving and snorkelling, and warm temperatures and bright blue skies create the perfect setting for relaxing in the sun.

Home to culture, history and unrivalled natural beauty, one of the best times to visit Vietnam is February. It is dry season for most of the country with temperatures between 25-30°C and low humidity. You may also catch the magical Lunar New Year – Tet.

Where To Go On Holiday In March

March offers plenty, whether further afield or closer to home. Fewer visitors mean it is an ideal time to visit Oman, the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is resplendent with spring flowers, Florida offers a warm welcome and Ireland heralds oncoming spring.

With temperatures in the mid 20’s, March is an ideal time to travel to Oman before the scorching heat of the summer hits. It is also less busy than the previous months making it a great time to visit the ancient forts, rolling sand dunes and wild beaches.

March marks the beginning of spring in Florida where temperatures begin to rise and days start to get longer. With nine hours of sunlight, there’s plenty of time explore the theme parks, relax at the beach, and enjoy cotton-candy-pink sunsets over the Atlantic.

The best time to visit Bhutan is either during the spring or autumn, however March is at its prettiest with spring flowers, rhododendron and azalea all in bloom. The climate is also dry and pleasant with sunny skies and a fresh breeze.

Although March isn’t the warmest month to travel to Ireland, it is a beautiful time to visit with wildflowers in bloom and the countryside alive with birdsong. After a day of walking and sightseeing, relax in front of a cosy fire in a pub with a local tipple.

Where To Go On Holiday In April

April is synonymous with Japan and the cherry blossom is in full bloom at this time of year. Temperate weather in the Deep South of America and Morocco makes this an excellent time to visit whilst April is also the perfect time for viewing wildlife in India.

Japan bursts into shades of pink in April with the beautiful cherry blossom in full bloom – expect Sakura-coated temples, streets awash with rose-coloured buds and parks covered in floral carpets. Temperatures range between 15-24°C, making it a pleasant time to travel.

Famed for its musical cities, historical roots, bright lights and iconic southern food, the Deep South is a feast for the senses. The best time to visit the Deep South is in April where days are warm and sunny, and evenings are comfortably cool – perfect for exploring.

Morocco is a mysterious land awash with colours and spices. The best time to visit is during spring, especially April, where the weather is pleasantly warm. It is also a great time for birdwatching and seeing wildflowers in bloom.

The month of April is excellent for wildlife viewing in India since high temperatures and lack of water result not only in a reduction of foliage but also encourage animals to be less cautious when searching for water. The reserves of central and northern India are best for tiger sightings.

Where To Go On Holiday In May

For the majority of China, May is the very best time to visit whilst the Mediterranean, and in particular Italy, begins to warm up. America’s west coast is beautiful at this time of year whilst in Scotland spring offers excellent walking opportunities.

A bewildering blend of modern mega-cities, ancient monuments and traditional life, China is best visited in May. The weather tends to be dry and warm at this time, but not humid. It is also a wonderful time to see the flora and fauna at its best in Yunnan Province.

Whilst California is a year-round destination, May boasts warm temperatures and less crowds. It is also a great time to travel to Western USA and the region’s magnificent national parks to enjoy outdoor activities before the intense summer heat arrives.

As the Mediterranean starts to heat up, May is a wonderful time to travel to Italy where temperatures are pleasant and visitor numbers are relatively low. It is a great month to visit the usually busy sights and museums of Rome, Florence and Venice.

Scotland – a land of calm lochs and lonely glens, remote islands and spectacular scenery and a rich culture. One of the best times to visit Scotland is May – although it can be cool with an average temperature of 10 °C it is a beautiful time to see the varying landscapes.

Where To Go On Holiday In June

June is a good time to visit the majority of Canada with comfortable temperatures and fewer visitors. For wildlife enthusiasts there are few better places in the world than Borneo and Indonesia whilst Georgia is at its sunniest and most pleasant.

For those wishing to enjoy Canada’s beautiful great outdoors, the ideal month to travel is June where days are long and warm, but the tourist crowds are yet to arrive. Lakes have thawed, hiking trails are open, wildflowers have emerged, and wildlife is becoming increasingly active.

June sees the start of the dry season in Borneo. It is the most comfortable month to explore the rainforest and see orangutans, go diving along the pristine reefs and kick back on the island’s beautiful beaches. Expect temperatures of 29 °C and little threat of rain.

From the verdant interior and beautiful beaches of Bali to the temple-strewn island of Java, June is the best time to visit the diverse archipelago of Indonesia. Days are filled with warm sunshine and very little rain. It is also an excellent time to go diving, especially around the Gili Islands.

Georgia has a wealth of history and a fascinating cultural heritage. June sees long and sunny days and makes it a great time to visit this scenically impressive country of working vineyards, grand cathedrals, mighty mountain ranges and picturesque villages.

Where To Go On Holiday In July

In contrast to the rest of the island, the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka’s east coast are at their best in July. Likewise, July is also an ideal time to drive Route 66, enjoy a memorable stay on an authentic American ranch or explore the vast wilderness of Mongolia.

Whilst the western coast is still affected by the monsoon in July, the island’s beautiful East Coast of Sri Lanka is a great option for a warm and sunny Asian destination. Experience on of the many festivals that take place in summer and enjoy the sea’s perfect swimming conditions.

The best time to take a ranch holiday in Canada or the US states of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana is July where you can enjoy pleasant temperatures for riding. Although Texas and Arizona ranches tend to be very hot at this time of year, July can be a very affordable time to travel.

A country where almost half of the population maintain a nomadic lifestyle, rugged Mongolia is a place where traditions have remained unchanged for centuries. July is a fantastic month to visit Mongolia where the scenery is lush and green, and temperatures sit in the mid 20’s.

Get your kicks on Route 66 during an iconic road trip between Chicago and Los Angeles. July is an excellent month to drive the beloved ‘Mother Road’ – experience beautiful weather across all eight states as well as being able to visit all the quirky landmarks and attractions.

Where To Go On Holiday In August

August is a great time for cultural and art events throughout Europe including the annual Verona Opera Festival. The beautiful Balearic Islands are a great option for a family holiday or Romania is a great cultural option offering bucolic beauty and painted monasteries. Further afield, the Galapagos Islands is home to an abundance of wildlife and a warm, dry climate.

Home to some of the world's finest opera houses and only a short flight from the UK, Europe is the ideal place for an opera break. August is also home to some of the continent's best arts and cultural celebrations including the iconic Verona Arena Opera Festival.

From the picture-perfect beaches of Mallorca and the scenic traditional villages of Menorca to the bohemian beach bars of Ibiza and stunning panoramas of Formentera, the Balearics are a great and affordable option for a family holiday during August with guaranteed sunshine and calm waters.

June to September is the dry summer season in Ecuador with August being an excellent month to visit. With temperatures of up to 25°C, August is a great time to enjoy the diverse array of wildlife, birdlife and terrains the Galapagos Islands have to offer.

Famed for charming medieval towns and unspoiled countryside, monumental castles and a spirited capital, Romania is a welcoming year-round destination. Late August is a good time to visit Romania with warm but comfortable temperatures and little to no rainfall.

Where To Go On Holiday In September

September tends to be a quieter month especially in European destinations such as Greece and Turkey. Crowds have dispersed, the weather remains warm and prices are lower; making it an ideal time for a cultural holiday or relaxed beach break. Further afield, September is a great time to visit South Korea or Peru.

Whist the hot weather continues to linger in September, the islands and beaches of Greece become less busy as the schools goes back. Long days are filled with sunshine and sea temperatures remain warm. September is also a great time to visit the beautiful Peloponnese region.

From the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts to Istanbul and central Turkey, September is a great time to visit this compelling country. Sea and land temperatures are still hot, making it a great option for a beach holiday, or an excellent time to explore Turkey’s ancient sights and landmarks.

South Korea is a modern country of spectacular natural scenery, ancient temples and unique traditions. September is an excellent time to visit as the landscapes come alive with the fiery colours of fall. Temperatures are also cooler making it a pleasant time for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

From the majestic Andes to the ancient Amazon rainforest, Peru has something for everyone. September boasts sunny, dry days with cooler evenings making it a perfect time to trek to iconic Machu Picchu, take a boat trip on Lake Titicaca or exploring cosmopolitan Lima.

Where To Go On Holiday In October

October is a magical time to visit New England; experience the dazzling colours of autumn whilst exploring the region’s quaint coastline. It is one of the best times of the year to see the majestic Northern Lights in Iceland, whereas Cambodia and Uzbekistan boast pleasant climates during October, perfect for sightseeing.

Witness the breathtaking display of autumnal colours in New England during fall. October is the perfect time to explore the contrasting landscapes of this charming region as a plethora of leaves turn from green to amber and crimson. The sun continues to shine but the air is pleasantly cool.

The ancient kingdom of Cambodia is one of Southeast Asia’s most enchanting and compelling destinations. October sees the summer’s intense humidity and high temperatures disappear making it a great time to visit the country’s magical ancient temples and historic landmarks.

October is one of the best months to see the majestic Northern Lights in Iceland - be in awe as the green and blue lights of the Aurora Borealis dance across the sky. Whilst temperatures start to drop and days get shorter, October also sees fewer visitors and a drop in accommodation prices.

After the heat of the summer months, October is an ideal time to travel to Uzbekistan with pleasantly warm days and little risk of rain. Uzbekistan is best known for its links to the Silk Road and the atmospheric ancient cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand have lost little of their grandeur.

Where To Go On Holiday In November

With Christmas around the corner, New York is a fabulous option for world class shopping. November is also a great month to explore the ancient ruins and sand dunes of Jordan. Rajasthan and Northern India is at its finest in November whereas Nepal boasts beautiful clear skies and good visibility for trekking.

With comfortable temperatures and little chance of rain, November is an excellent time to visit the cultural sites of Rajasthan and northern India. Highlights includes the grandiose fortified cities of Rajasthan, the temples of Khajuraho and Varanasi and the epic Mughal architecture of Agra.

New York is a magical place in winter, full of romance and enchantment. With Christmas around the corner, enjoy world-class shopping, festive markets and ice rinks. November is a good time to visit the East Coast due to smaller visitor numbers, mild weather and lower prices.

Nepal is a pocket-sized, landlocked country of uncompromising beauty. During November, enjoy warm, sunny days in the ancient royal city of Kathmandu, experience the sunrise over the foothills and mountaintops of the Himalayas and go in search for the Bengal Tiger in Chitwan National Park.

The Middle East's gem of Jordan is awash with ancient treasures, striking landscapes and diverse cultures. November is a very pleasant time to visit Jordan and explore its remarkable landmarks such as Petra, with cooler temperatures and generally dry weather.

Where To Go On Holiday In December

December is a fantastic time to travel. Explore the tea plantations and wild beaches of Sri Lanka’s west coast, embark on a river cruise in Myanmar or discover the pristine wildlife reserves and strong indigenous cultures of North East India. Alternatively, Argentina is a great option for combining adventure, wildlife and cosmopolitan cities.

The monsoon season has subsided along Sri Lanka’s south and western coasts and December sees hotter days and blue, sunny skies. Whilst the Cultural Triangle and Hill Country will still experience a little rain, overall December is a brilliant month to visit Sri Lanka.

December is one of the best times to travel to Myanmar when temperatures are cooler, around 25°C, and the weather dry. It is a great time to explore Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake, as well as Ngapali and the beaches of the west coast.

December marks the middle of summer in Argentina boasting beautiful weather throughout the country. The breathtaking region of Patagonia will be warm and clear, the Lake District will come alive with flora and fauna and Iguazu Falls will be at its most dramatic with high water levels.

Little visited, India’s north east is truly the country’s last frontier. Despite the cooler weather generally experienced during December, this is the month of Nagaland’s spectacular Hornbill Festival when the tribes of the region gather in a grand celebration of their cultural traditions.

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