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Indonesia Holidays

A country that defies description, Indonesia lines the equator for 5,000kms and is kaleidoscope of cultures, customs, peoples and languages. This archipelago is made up of 17,000 islands with each one offering its own unique experience, ranging from outstanding natural beauty and magnificent landmarks to an array of endemic wildlife.

Java is home to Indonesia’s huge capital Jakarta, whose historic mix of cultures including Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European has heavily influenced its language, architecture and cuisine. Java also houses the cultural and artistic centre of Yogyakarta, the Buddhist masterpiece of Borobudur and Mount Bromo. To the northwest lies the volcanic landscapes and jungles of Sumatra which is a wildlife lover’s paradise boasting populations of the rare Sumatran tiger, rhino, elephant and Sunda clouded leopard.

Mysterious and spiritual, Bali is one of Indonesia’s most beloved destinations. Beautiful beaches, outstanding hospitality, dramatic rice terraces and Balinese architecture are just some of the reasons for the island’s popularity. Further east you will find the little-visited island of Lombok, as well the Gili Islands and Komodo which are both resplendent with an exotic underwater world.

To the north lies Kalimantan, home to one of the world’s last great rainforests and refuge to the endangered orang-utan. Kalimantan is the Indonesian portion of Borneo which makes up 73% of the island’s total area. Directly to the east lies Sulawesi, an island steeped in myth and legend where you can experience the unique culture and traditions of the Toraja people. Pettitts Travel has specialised in providing quality, tailor-made holidays and tours to Indonesia for over 35 years.

Popular Tailor-Made Itineraries

Your holiday in Indonesia

Your holiday in Indonesia

As Indonesia holiday specialists, let us inspire you with one of our tailor-made journeys to this diverse and culturally rich destination. All of our holidays to Indonesia are bespoke and can be tailored towards your exact requirements. Whether you are looking for a private tour incorporating culture, wildlife and scenery, a luxurious beach break to Bali or an intrepid island cruise, our travel specialists are here to help. Our suggested itineraries on the website are an ideal starting point when considering a tailor-made holiday to Indonesia, however, it is best to speak to one of our experienced travel specialists who will be able to guide you through the many options available. Most of our Indonesia holidays are taken on a private basis and in most cases, you will have a private driver and/or guide at your disposal. Accommodation, transport, guides, sightseeing and entrance fees are always included in our tailor-made holidays unless otherwise stated. From luxury Indonesia holidays to the more intrepid adventures, you will have support and assistance of our partners in destination as well as our UK office.

Our Splendours of Bali itinerary is ideal for first time visitors who want to experience the magic of Bali visiting artistic Ubud, traditional weaving villages and the island’s beautiful beaches. Discover Java and Bali focuses on a more in-depth exploration of the countries two most popular islands, or Treasures of Sumatra, Java and Bali also incorporates the wildlife, scenery and culture of Sumatra. Wildlife enthusiasts may be interested in our Orangutans of Kalimantan or Dragons of Komodo itineraries, whereas our Sulawesi holiday may be of interest to the more intrepid traveller. If you are looking for a more relaxing holiday focused on beaches and tropical islands, Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands is a great option.

Places to visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is a beguiling country made up of thousands of islands, many with their own individual mix of cultures, food, experiences and customs. Trek through dense jungles to observe orang-utan and other wildlife in Sumatra, soak up Java’s ancient atmospheric and cultural heritage – the highlight of which is the spectacular Borobudur Temple – or spend time rejuvenating and practicing yoga in Bali. Alternatively snorkel beautiful coral reefs in search of tropical fish and turtles off the beautiful Gili Island shores or hike the rice terraces at Sedau in little-visited Lombok. Encounter rare species of birds in Sulawesi, spot the ferocious Komodo dragon on Komodo Island or meet the Dayak tribe in the heart of the jungle in Kalimantan.


When to Visit indonesia

The climate in Indonesia is unusual in that temperatures are pretty consistent throughout the year. The country only has two main climatic seasons, the dry period which runs from April to October and the wet season that occurs between November and March. Throughout the year you can generally expect temperatures to be around 25⁰C to 30⁰C although it will be significantly cooler when travelling up to higher altitudes. The monsoon heralds the arrival of the wet season and there is heavy rainfall across the entire archipelago which will fall on a regular basis. During the dry season rainfall is rare, especially on lower ground.

Best Times
Good Times
This is a general overview suggesting when to travel in the country. Please note that this may not directly apply to any specific itinerary or region.

Essential Information

flag of Indonesia Capital: Jakarta

Main Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Time Zone: GMT + 7 / GMT + 8

Currency: Rupiah (IDR)

Wildlife in Indonesia

Wildlife in Indonesia

The archipelago of Indonesia is renowned for its diverse wildlife where each island offers something completely different to the next. Kalimantan is home to Borneo’s majestic orangutan and Tanjung National Park is one of the most important sanctuaries for wild orangutan, with over 5,000 inhabitants it is one of the best places to see these elusive creatures. The spectacular islands of Komodo National Park house one of Indonesia’s best-known inhabitants, the Komodo dragon, which are in fact the world’s largest lizards who use toxic saliva to poison and kill their prey. Sumatra’s jungle and plains boast some of the best wildlife in Indonesia including the Sunda clouded leopard, elephant, Sumatran rhino, and tiger. Distinguished by their orange coats and thick black stripes, these critically endangered tigers still roam Sumatra’s Kerinci Seblat National Park, with up to 190 tigers inhabiting here. Whereas Lombok and the Gili Islands offer some of the region’s finest diving and snorkelling with their magical underwater world.

Landmarks of Indonesia

Home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Indonesia is a land full of cultural, historical and natural landmarks. The volcano-dotted island of Java is home to two of the country's most impressive temple complexes; Borobudur and Prambanan. The former is the world’s largest Buddhist temple which features remarkable domes, stupas and Buddha figures, whereas the latter is a Hindu site with a collection of sharp, jagged temples, elaborate carvings and spectacular spires. The beloved island of Bali also boasts a number of landmarks including beautiful temples such as Uluwatu, Tanah Lot and Ulun Danu Beratan, the famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces and the Sacred Monkey Forest. Sumatra claims some of Indonesia’s most striking natural landmarks such as the world’s largest volcanic lake – Lake Toba, Sipiso-Piso Waterfall, and Kerinci Seblat National Park which is home to the critically endangered Sumatran tiger. Other noteworthy landmarks include striking Mount Kelimutu in Flores, Raja Ampat Archipelago in West Papua and the Torajan houses of Sulawesi.

Landmarks of Indonesia


Borneo and Burma Holiday Review

“All the arrangements in both Borneo and Myanmar worked very well - everyone was on time and even the flights in Myanmar were almost on schedule.
All in all a very enjoyable trip but as I'm sure you are telling your clients the sooner they get to Myanmar the better before it is overrun with tourists.”

PD - Borneo and Burma - November 2015

Accommodation in Indonesia

There is a wide range of hotel accommodation in Indonesia and this varies depending on the island you are visiting. In Bali and Java there are numerous excellent hotels and resorts, all with first-class facilities and amenities. Equally in places like the Gili Islands, there are now excellent beach hotels. Elsewhere on the smaller or less visited islands, standards vary and options can be limited. Eco-hotels are becoming more popular in parts of the archipelago and as well resorts that focus on health and wellbeing. When visiting Komodo National Park stays will be aboard a private boat.

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