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Central Turkey Holidays

With vast underground cities, lunar-like landscapes and surreal rock formations, Cappadocia and the central Anatolian plateau is one of Turkey’s most celebrated, and instantly recognisable, regions. Quite literally beneath the surface of this otherworldly backdrop the region’s greatest treasures can be found. Over the centuries tombs, ancient churches, villages, towns and even cities were hollowed out of the soft stone – sanctuaries constructed during the Roman and Byzantine periods to shelter the entire population, livestock and provisions. Today some of these ancient dwellings are hotels which offer the singular opportunity to experience this unique environment at first hand. Kayseri is the main entry point to the region. Discover an 800 year old fortress complete with covered markets, then head west to the stunning Devrent Valley. Here the highlight is the open-air museum at Göreme, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where rock-cut churches are adorned with early medieval frescoes of astonishing skill, complexity and precision. Visits can also be made to the rock-cut citadel in Uchisar, the Hittite underground settlements at Kaymakli and Derinkuyu and the Ihlara Valley. To the west, explore the historic Seljuk capital of Konya which today remains an important pilgrimage site, home to the whirling dervish sect and location of the stunning Mevlana Museum. With our knowledge, experience and expertise Pettitts Travel can help to create a unique tailor-made holiday to Cappadocia or cultural tour of central Turkey that exactly meets your requirements.

Holiday Ideas for Central Turkey

When to visit Central-Turkey

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With a landscape largely consisting of a dry desert high altitude plateau, the Cappadocia region primarily experiences reliably hot summers and surprisingly cold winters. With this in mind it is generally considered that the best time to visit Cappadocia and central Turkey is either late spring or early autumn when the weather is cooler. There is also the benefit of fewer visitors too. Spring, from May to early July, is idyllic – temperatures are warm and rainfall low although it can sometimes be breezy. Similarly, the autumn months of September and October are equally pleasant although evenings become increasingly cooler as the weeks progress. Summer heralds the arrival of peak season in Cappadocia and, despite the minimal chance of rain, daytime temperatures can be intense, regularly touching 40°C. Winter arrives in the region from November and lasts until March but is at its coldest between December and January. During this period temperatures plummet, sometimes falling below freezing, and with there also being a good chance of snow.

What is a Tailor-Made Holiday?

We create a holiday tailored to your specific requirements, including:

  • When you go
  • Duration
  • Time spent in each place
  • How much you want to spend

We offer our experience and knowledge to help create your perfect, tailor-made itinerary

What to do in Central Turkey

Surreal landscapes of wind-sculpted boulders, towering rock stacks, craggy mountain ridges, pinnacles known as ‘fairy chimneys’, ruggedly beautiful valleys and troglodyte cave dwellings, the region of central Turkey, which includes Cappadocia, is home to over 3,000 years of history and is unlike anywhere else in the country. Highlights here include the remarkable UNESCO protected 1,000 year-old rock-cut churches and chapels of Göreme which are resplendent with beautiful religious frescoes, the charming town of Uchisar, dominated by a citadel chiselled from volcanic rock and the extraordinary underground cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu. Archaeologists have dated both Kaymakli and Derinkuyu to the Hittite period around 1,200 BC and, incredibly, these cavernous subterranean complexes were still in use by Christians sheltering from persecution close to 2,000 years after they were first excavated. Whilst here, it is also possible to explore the remote 11th century rock-cut churches of the Ihlara Valley and the extraordinary monastery in Selime which is not only one of the most elaborate cave complexes in Cappadocia but also the region’s largest religious structure.

Places in Central Turkey

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