Kolkata Holidays

Kolkata is the most important city in eastern India – a historic metropolis and capital of the British Raj. Still one of the forward-thinking intellectual centres of India, the city has long been noted for its wonderful architectural landmarks – many of which date from the colonial period. Kolkata is also known as the ‘soul of India’ and as one of the most populous urban areas on earth is an intensely human city. Visit St John’s Church with its memorial to the city’s founder Job Charnock, the Writers Building – now a seat of government – and the grand General Post Office. Explore the imposing white marble Victoria Memorial, built in 1921 and today a treasure trove of Raj relics, wander the excellent Indian Museum and visit the lively Kali Temple at Kalighat close to the colourful daily flower market. Pettitts specialises in providing quality, tailor-made holidays and tours to India.

Holiday Ideas for Kolkata