Amman Holidays

Despite not having the exotic antiquity of the neighbouring cities of Jerusalem, Damascus or Aleppo, Amman offers a bewildering array of sights and has a long and distinguished history equal to any other in the region. Dating back to the Neolithic Period, Amman is first mentioned in the Old Testament and was to subsequently fall under the influence of the Ptolemids, Romans and Byzantines. Following the First World War the city was chosen as the new capital of Transjordan – a title it kept with the creation of the new Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 1946 – and today is remains the political heart of the nation. Visit the Archaeological Museum and Citadel, Jabal al-Qal’a, which houses the Umayyad Palace and also spend time exploring Roman Amman with its well-preserved Roman Theatre and Agora. Pettitts specialises in providing quality, tailor-made holidays and tours to Jordan.

Holiday Ideas for Amman