Corbett National Park Holidays

India’s oldest wildlife reserve, Corbett National Park was established in 1935 and named after the author and conservationist Jim Corbett. Located to the north-east of Delhi, the reserve is set largely within the valley of the Ramganga River and provides a wide range of different landscapes and environments that include vast grasslands and bamboo thickets, deciduous woodland and sal forest. In turn, this ecological diversity has resulted in Corbett supporting an exceptional variety of animals including chital, sambar and muntjac deer, numerous different species of monkey, elephant, porcupine, gharial crocodile, python, leopard and the majestic Bengal tiger. Corbett National Park is also excellent for birding and over 600 different species have been recorded in the reserve ranging from water and woodland birds to large, impressive birds of prey. Pettitts have led the way in designing tailor-made holidays and tours to India for over 25 years.

Holiday Ideas for Corbett National Park