Shahpura Holidays

A small market town in the south-east of Rajasthan, Shahpura is well away from the main tourist trail. Here stay at the delightful Shahpura Bagh, a 400 year old property that was granted to the family by Shah Jehan, and explore a region dotted with fascinating rural villages, lakes, temples and forts. The bird watching here is excellent – over 180 species have been recorded – and there are numerous walks, some more strenuous than other, that can be undertaken including to a famous tribal temple on top of a wooded hill. Visits can be made to local villages, Dhikhola is a popular choice, and there is an opportunity to explore the fort here which is still owned by the family at Shahpura Bagh. Ancient Ram Dwara with its Rajput and Mughal designs and stunning baoli step-well will be a highlight for those with a particular interest in religion and temple architecture.

Holiday Ideas for Shahpura