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Northern Thailand Holidays

Northern Thailand is a captivating place of rolling hills, lush valleys and mist-shrouded mountains, age-old traditions and a rich hill-tribe culture. With its predominately rural economy and close ties to the country’s northern neighbours, this is a region that stands distinct to the rest of the kingdom. Northern Thailand’s most important city is Chiang Mai. Atmospheric and relaxed, not only is Chiang Mai the region’s most populous city, its location and proximity to key places makes it the perfect base for a cultural tour. Setting for some of Thailand’s most important monasteries and temples, explore the famous night markets, climb Doi Suthep to the shrine of Wat Phrathat and enjoy some of the best food that the country has to offer. From Chiang Mai travel north to a beautiful region of rolling hills and meandering rivers known as the ‘Golden Triangle’ where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet. Here learn about Hmong and Lahu culture or take a short cruise on the Mekong River to the town of Luang Prabang in Laos. To the east of Chiang Mai visit the sleepy and isolated town of Nan for a flavour of rural Thai life or head to Sukhothai – one of Thailand’s most important archaeological sites which was once the original capital of Siam. Pettitts Travel specialises in providing bespoke tailor-made holidays to Thailand and cultural tours to northern Thailand.

Holiday Ideas for Northern Thailand

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When to visit Northern-Thailand

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Northern Thailand experiences distinctive seasonal variations in temperature, humidity, rainfall and day length, largely influenced by the annual monsoon rains. With this in mind it is generally considered that the best time to visit northern Thailand is during what is known as the dry season – a period that usually runs between the months of November and February. During these months daytime temperatures are lower than at other times of year, tending to range from 25°C to 30°C, skies are clear and humidity levels are relatively lower. Prior to the breaking of the monsoon temperatures steadily increase from March to May – temperatures can top 35°C and it can be uncomfortably humid. The rains arrive in northern Thailand during June and last until early to mid-October. It should be expected for rainfall to occur daily and although showers are heavy, they also tend to be short. Humidity remains high at this time and daylight hours are a little shorter than the rest of the year.

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What to do in Northern Thailand

Less visited than the famous cultural sights of central Thailand and the well-trodden routes that lead to the beaches and islands of the south, the north of the country boasts a rich and diverse cultural heritage, spectacular historical remains and interesting towns and cities all sat within a lush landscape of river, forest and mountain. A main draw is the city of Chiang Mai with its lively markets, shrines, monasteries and temples including the spectacularly sited Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. To the north of Chiang Mai is an area known as the ‘Golden Triangle’. Bordering Myanmar and Laos this is a predominately rural region of small indigenous villages, isolated temples, rice paddies and tea plantations. For those wishing to combine Thailand with Laos, there are also cruises on the Mekong River between Chiang Saen and Luang Prabang. Further highlights include the sleepy provincial capital of Nan which provides a base from which to explore the national parks along the Thai-Laos border and the extraordinary 800 year old archaeological site of Sukhothai which was once the capital of the Thai Empire and today is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Places in Northern Thailand

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