Tashkent Holidays

Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital, is the largest city in the country. Largely re-built during the Soviet period after an earthquake in 1966, Tashkent is a modern capital of grand avenues, vast gardens and monumental government buildings. The city developed as a major commercial centre servicing the caravans as they used the Silk Road, was captured by Genghis Khan and under Timur became fabulously wealthy. Explore the fabulous Chorsu Bazaar – a stunning market selling everything from spices and sweets to groceries and clothes then head on foot north to the old town with its low-rise mud-brick homes and warren of narrow alleyways. Here, see the 16th century Kulkedash Madrassah and Juma Mosque or visit the blue-domed Sheikhantaur Mausoleum Complex and Fine Arts Museum. All of our holidays and tours to Uzbekistan are unique and fully personalised.

Holiday Ideas for Tashkent